Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle is blindsiding the underground rap scene with his indefatigable debut Unapologetic Art Rap. You just don’t drop debuts like this. It’s so finely tuned! He can chase the rhyme by the tail, pounding out the four or five syllable jaw droppers, and still remain on topic, intelligent, and hilarious. Meanwhile, dude’s got inventive glows which are also rigidly adhered to. Furthermore the cat’s got a voice all his own, sultry, baritone, and so layed back as if to be fatigued. Like Abstract Rude, but different. I haven’t seen rap-writing so tightly tuned since Busdriver hit the scene. Major props. Don’t judge this album by it’s ugly cover, it’s on MUSH Records, it’s dope as hell, and you need to buy it. Seriously, what kind of rap record has samples from Pavement? Check this jam, check this video, check yourself, wreck yourself, get ready for it.

Open Mike Eagle – Pissy Transmissions by Argue Job

And download his free EP that came out a little before Unapologetic Art Rap, Another Roadside Attraction.

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