Windsor For The Derby

Against LoveWindsor For The Derby

Jason McNeely and Dan Matz dig deep into their bag of tricks and emerge with this breath taking mutant: Against Love. We have here limbs of country, pop, electronica, and folk all grafted into a solid trunk of early 90’s post rock transcendentalism. For WFTD,  this record is a gauze wound hybrid of more than a decade of musical exploration. The old-polaroid quality of the entire album is so emotionally magnetic that Against Love begins to negate it’s own thesis statement. On this recent Secretly Canadian release, they combine their 1996 drone roots with their recent and more celebrated song writing virtuosity. Against Love is divided evenly between jams avec words and jams sans words. Normally that makes for an album prone to awkward and confusing transitions but somehow McNeely and Matz manage to create a record that drifts together so gorgeously you can easily be lifted to a place of total abandon, forgetting where you are and what you are doing. It comes as further surprise and commendation that the instrumental joints are even more predominant and stirring than the lyrical jawns. I definitely recommend you pick this record up and spend a while living your life along to it.

Windsor For The Derby – Queen Of The Sun by Argue Job

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