Winter Reasoning

I wanted to compile something for my friends to engage the frosty winter drives and embrace the huddled indoor times of cool resistance; to see your breath and remember and relearn and reiterate the rituals of snow. Here it is!
The majority of these songs are not new by any stretch of the infinite-blog-frontier’s measurements, nor are any of these songs too obscure for the average music fan/connoisseur/snob, but their combination makes for a lovely Winter mix that I had compiled for you all about a month ago but been too busy to finish uploading.
Also, note the local love for my boy Jim (Jom Comyn) who’s entire catalogue is, for me, reminiscent of winters in Edmonton.
I hope this pantheon of winter gems will guide you into the warm arms of your loved ones again and again.
*Yr Joeyo 4eva

Winter Reasoning by Argue Job

full size image if you needz it:

Gold Star for Robot Boy by Guided By Voices
Reasons by Built to Spill
New Raincoat by Jom Comyn
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths
Girl Friend by The Modern Lovers
Must Be Waiting by Rodriguez
Just Like Heaven by The Cure
Exclamation Mark by So Cow
Old to Begin by Pavement
3000 Flowers by Destroyer
You Can Have It All by Yo La Tengo
Into the Nada by Karl Blau
An Occasional Dream by David Bowie
Stop Singing by Mount Eerie
Silver Soul by Beach House
Apple Bed by Sparklehorse
Sleep by B. Fleischmann
Being In Love by Songs: Ohia

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