Jom Comyn – Comynge Tegythere

I’m glad Jim finally got this up on bandcamp so I could direct my loyal readers to this aural spiritual he so arcanely deemed Comynge Tegythere—read “coming together”. This spectacle of sonorities is a Dantean journey through genres sporting the addled boots of Rock & Roll. The previous Jom Comyn records have been beautiful items, and though less challenging, extremely rewarding. This record, by contrast, lays away treasures different than any Jom Comyn material preceding it. Jim is truly coming into his own on Comynge Tegythere and for the loyal and dedicated listener, I am sure you will have no trouble gleaning these riches for yourself, for though one must at moments stand tip-toed, these riches are not out of reach. CHEERS, JIMBO! It’s not often I dig a Noise record.

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