Rasul Syed – The Conversation Mixtape

From Montreal via Calgary, Rasul Syed has a dialed swagger that floats somewhere above the factions and pigeon holes that would like to slap their tags on him. I’m trying to get a feel for what this guy is about, just copped his album today, still trying to comprehend his philosophies on rap, but no matter how you dice it, this guy is NICE with a microphone. His vibrations are major chill while still being swagged to the fifth dimension. Give this album a look and if it pleases you, spend a couple bucks on it. And it’s free if yr feeling poor. This is the kind of mixtape that makes you pine for the full length. His voice is redolent of Lupe Fiasco. It’s got this levity that sounds as though achieved by holding a full chest full of oxygen and not wanting to let it out. Serious cool. Everyone ought to keep their eye out for this man.

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