Service:Fair – It Ended Badly

The new album from Catlin Kuzyk’s Service:Fair is a jammy garage pop experience. Catlin’s voice has a sort of howl to it that comes through strongest on the opening vocal note of the album. Highlight jams on this record are mos definitely the opener and closer, “Everybody Loves” and “Just To Be Nice”, respectively. “F.U.K.T.” is a major jam too, taking me back to the early nineties vibes I was getting from my parents seattle alternative grunge adoration. The majority of the album is just straight up loud. Banging drums and fuzzy guitars! Live-off-the-floor vibrations! Glorious! This album is a perfect fit for that unique corner of edmonton’s scene that dudes like Catlin have done a great job of carving out and bands like Service:Fair expemplify beautifully. It’s that jangled pop noise contingent that dominates the collective conscience of a lot of edmonton’s hippest dudes. The jams are just so damn fun. Good wholesome headbangerz. PROPS PROPS PROPS.

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