Sucka Free CJ – Ars Gratia Artis

The disclaimer is simple, this is POP rap, man. Chicks love this stuff. RIYL Chiddy Bang, Kid Cudi, a significant sect of Christian Rap, etc. But that aside, this guy is most likely next up. This just dropped two weeks ago, found it on bandcamp, unreal pop rap. And the kid is skilled as a rapper too, no doubt. He tries to shake the softy references with the occasional hard rap verse but it feels slightly contrived and defensive. I get it though. It actually helps to balance the record cause there are some serious cheezeball moments. Check these jams out and bump them in your tercel driving your girl home from padmanadi’s. You’ll be making out for sure. Thanks for that, Sucka Free CJ. Ars Gratia Artis is latin for “Art for Art’s Sake”, btdubs. Hmmm, perhaps.

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