Khyber Compilation

Some of my favorite Halifax bands are on this one individual mixtape (real cassette) intent on raising money for the age old Khyber art space in Halifax. It aint our scene but I get incredible vibes off this mixtape and this unity and I’m also getting a special little do-unto-others vibration in my loins for what these dudes are doing. Check out this incredible localz only mixtape that acts as a great starting point for the hype hype hype that halifax has always harboured. BTW Halifax is my favorite Canadian city, period. . Special looks to Trash Heap which is actually Long Long Long’s (a new incarnation of York Redoubt) fun little R&B side thing. They’re covering my favorite Usher song. And another special look to the stunning Play Guitar, who I saw several months ago and got really lifted off, who have a very Woods sounding jam on this mixtape. And oh shoot, It Kills is on there too. I put on a show for them at Wunderbar last summer and they drove their orchestral post rock right into the center of my heart. I’m telling you all, Halifax has a banging scene. I copped this, you should too. Just imagine yourself on peggy’s cove with a person you love, sharing earbuds, listening to this pretty music, hunkered down with your hair tossed by atlantic winds.


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