Happy Trendy – Nerves 7″

Dylan Khotin-Foote continues to advance the cause with his Happy Trendy project. Channeling an even calmer vibe than Old Friends, the Nerves 7″ indicates a direction more and more redolent of b. fleischmann working with an xx inspired guitar tone. I am a personal fan of “Losing It”, the b-side. I wish he’d applied the same guitar fusion into Nerves as well. It’s a gorgeous combination. The best thing about this new release is that it’s the first Happy Trendy drop to not remind me of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, which is not a bad thing to be reminded of, but it does sound as though Mr. Foote is now carving himself his own personal sound to hunker down in, a safe place from where he can create a record worth shrink wrapping and barcoding. Enough of this online-only bizzz, you feel me? This stuff gets me excited for the FUTURE! Happy Trendy is doing it.

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