Jeans Boots – txt msgs

I’ve been keeping this one up my sleeve for a MINUTE. But the time has finally come! Jeans Boots is the nom de guerre of Jeanette Stewart, a Saskatoon native and member of the band Slow Down Molasses. Her sound is a certified sticky-bar-floor relative to the lovely-songbird-with-the-loud-ass-rock-band aesthetic that the likes of Julie Doiron and Land of Talk are sometimes identified with. Yessir, Canada is stacked in this category. Lucky.
This album in particular, txt msgs, is a pretty massive album for being only six songs deep. The recordings are delightfully scrappish without being too messy. Stewart has a passionate emotive voice that carries the songs. It’s that cracking bay of her’s that make her voice sound so dolefully entrenched in the squeeling music. This isn’t necessarily the same as what Jessica Jalbert is doing with her jams but I can see how people would make that connection, and it’s not a bad connection to make, especially on a bill for a show, that’s for certain. Which is why it is perfect that Jeans Boots is playing with Jessica Jalbert (and her band) and the soon to be argue job-ed Slow Down Molasses in Edmonton this saturday at Wunderbar. YES! I personally hope it’s packed out cause all these artists are the genuine article, i m o. Event page.

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