Kuhrye-oo – Soul Handsome

I watched Calvin Mcelroy AKA Kuhrye-oo perform three times in the span of a week and it only ever got better. Those three sets were exactly what live music is all about, transcendence. And so it’s been no secret that I’ve been patiently biting my lips, kneading my hands, waiting for the next Kuhrye-oo track to drop. Soul Handsome is here and it does not disappoint. Arguably his best work yet, this jam so tastefully combines a well balanced variety of textures. I feel as though I am enjoying a full course meal, being taken on a cosmic journey through the taste buds of the ears. Sweet, savory, sour, bitter, salty, a shimmering cornucopia of auditory harvest is splayed here for you in combinations of washes and bullet holes, glitches and unglitches, deep caves and vast expanses. Bon Appetit!

“oh he’s so handsome”

And when you’re done with that, check out this R. Kelly cover he did! CLICK HERE MAN

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