Yalls – Rerepeater // Shapeless // Elephant Show // Your Street

I’m a little late on this one, but DAMN, this is niiiiice piano-pop-ecstasy for all you starry eyed weirdos out there. Yalls is an Oakland, California native who knows how to craft some really catchy vibrations complete with freaked vocals and an excellent and deliberately simple sense of melody. He’s (I’m assuming it’s just one dude (who is a dude)) tapped into this present new wave of electronic music but he does it with a better sensibility than a lot of his predecessors, bordering on twee at times but without being so implicitly inclined to the cute as you would expect. There is a “show-don’t-tell” aspect to his music’s smile factor that really dominates the recordings. It would be a pleasure to see Yalls live and find out how much of this aura he can maintain (or even amplify) in a performance setting. Here’s his January 2011 released EP, “Rerepeater”, and a few more singles that have dropped individually in the last month or so.

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