DoT – Mizz Teviak

Last night I beheld firsthand the much buzzed about Phil Holtby, otherwise known as DoT, in his full live living-room glory at an OLD UGLY house show. This was the perfect atmosphere for DoT’s quiet hymnals to revelation and childhood. Phil’s voice is this strange creature that sings as if from out of a hollow in a tree trunk, a croaking caterwaul that seems to sway like a branch in the wind. His new record, Mizz Teviak, manages to corral an indescribable intimacy into the recordings. This contributes to the mystical overall demeanour operating in Phil’s songs that is hauntingly genuine and plaintive. Musically, DoT’s tracks know how to remain simple, but there is clearly a strong underlying knowledge when they dabble in bar room piano tinkerings on “Golden Gate Arm” or showtunesy organ jamming on closing track “October Afternoon”. This record is a must have. Buy this thing and tell your most favorite friends! Physical album available here, digital album available here.

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