Andy Shauf – Love and the Memories of It // Grandpa Songs

Here are a couple golden oldies! Andy Shauf recently uploaded his first two albums, Love and the Memories of It (2006) and Grandpa Songs (2007), both excellent straight forward folk albums with gorgeous songwriting, highly sensible production, and endearing lyrics. Nothing here is at all contrived or reaching. The tone is altogether genuine and sincere. His songs are really quite noble, if that makes any sense.
When I first met Andy, we were playing a show together in a tiny shoebox church with a graveyard next to it in the middle of an archetypal rural Saskatchewan field, a meadowy farm field a ways outside of Saskatoon. He was slinging his first solo disc, Love and the Memories of It, encased in a little denim sleeve he’d sewn together. It became Jonek and I’s driving music for the rest of that tour. When Grandpa Songs followed only six or so months later, we were blown away by how quickly Andy could write a whole ‘nother album with all new songs and have them be so spot on. The sophomore jinx was completely side stepped. Grandpa Songs was more stripped down than his previous album, written and recorded on his Grandpa’s guitar that his Grandma had given him. That additional dimension gave the album an even deeper sentimentality than it already had. A lot of those songs went on to appear on his label debut, Darker Days. And everything Andy Shauf has done since has been equally staggering. Personally, I’m really glad to see these old albums available for posterity. Check it out and if you dig it, grip it.
He’ll be back in Edmonton at the Wunderbar on Monday May 23rd with OLD UGLY’s Liam Trimble, DoT, and Layne L’Heureux. Look out for that.

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