Freak Heat Waves – Mission Bay 7″

In June, Freak Heat Waves dropped a luscious single on their in-the-family victoria label, Fan Club Music Club, and I only finally got around to ordering it the other day. These gentlemen are already familiar to us as the progenitors of the mind melting psych rock of Mt Royal. Freak Heat Waves is a much mellower groove laden project with catwalk bass lines and catchy hooks. The A-Side, Mission Bay finishes clean with a particularly delightful organ arrangement tapping into an almost Hawaiian vibe fit for relaxing and drinking through bended straws. The B-Side, Brett Nelson, is also a beachy sunshine groover with lyrics like “I fell asleep by the side of the beach / while Brett played his guitar / you look cool with your haircut / holding a bottle of wine.” It’s a great record to:
-lean on your elbow and hang out with your friends to
-to wink at cute girls to or
-to drive to your friends house to

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