Arguing With Everyone Vol. 2

Arguing With Everyone Volume One

1. Peace – Grey Walls
2. Yuck – Get Away
3. Weed – Join Forces
4. Wye Oak – Civilian
5. Sibylle Baier – Tonight
6. Perfume Genius – Mr Peterson
7. Yalls – Shapeless
8. Toro Y Moi – New Beat
9. El Waxo & Indiano Cojones – 6 Am
10. Ghostface Killah – How You Like Me Baby
11. Syl Johnson – Lonely Man
12. Starfucker – Born
13. Sean Nicholas Savage – Can’t Get My Mind Off You
14. White Sea – Cannibal Love
15. itsagamble! – sleeper sell
16. The Luyas – Seeing Things
17. Bela Fleck – Jesus Is The Only Answer

I apologize now for anything Ghostface Killah might say.

That Bela Fleck song is really really fun, it’s off his go to African documentary where he brings the banjo back to it’s homeland. That Yuck song is my fave of the year so far. That Wye Oak album that just came out is also a must have. Rob (itsagamble!) has that sleeper sell jam, it snuck on here last minute, super deep cut for fans of electronic tactics. Yalls, Sean, Perfume Genius, definite CROON PARTY. White Sea is the girl that sings on Saturdays = Youth. That five track album is definitely recommended to fans of Saturdays = Youth. And that PEACE jam, I’ve got the inside track on that thanks to the kind folks at Pop Echo records.

Argue Job loves you well,

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