Peace – My Face

The long awaited full length debut from Vancouver’s post punk powerhouse, Peace, has finally arrived. My Face is an endless assault of silver lined clouds. The production is flawless, the bass lines are elating, the guitar tones are a perfect marriage of crystal winks and sandpaper distortions. Vocalist Dan Geddes less sings than declares his hopeful though dolorous poetry with yarns like “pass me a cigarette / i’ll take everything from you that I can get” and “I heard the small voice approach / morning” and “I like the dark.” Exceptions can be found in songs like ‘Gonna Die’ where Geddes’ croon brings to mind eerie bits of early Morrissey. Most definitely check out this record, order it on vinyl, and come to the show on Saturday at Pawn Shop with Peace, Brazilian Money (who has a new tape, stay tuned to this blog for more on that), Sans AIDS, and OLD UGLY’s own Jessica Jalbert! More info here.

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