Smokey – S/T

The new self titled cassette from Edmonton’s Smokey is a bliss touched fever dream of found sound, field recordings, and blues noir. You may recognize Smokey as the force behind Field+Stream as well as a former member of The Whitsundays. His cassette is especially enviable for the style of the recordings. I may be wrong in assuming so, but each song sounds as though it was recorded in a different place, outdoors, hollow rooms, stuffy rooms, etc, and that tonal quality really enhances the emaciated, dissonant blues inspired folk songs that Smokey moans as if reluctant to let them out of himself and into the world just yet.
See Smokey play tomorrow evening with Edmonton’s venerable Mark Templeton (who’s new tape will be addressed generously on this blog tomorrow) at the Artery. More event information here. Songs steaming below.

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