Mark Templeton – Scotch Heart

I’ve been jealously guarding this gem until today, the evening of Mark Templeton’s cassette release at the Artery. Mark Templeton has established himself as a pillar of Canadian ambient and avante garde soundscaping. Scotch Heart is a welcome addition to his impressive catalogue of aural transcendence. Each song brings to mind poetic images as vast and sweeping as to encompass a breadth as wide as life itself. For this reason, Templeton’s songs are perfect companions when walking, writing, reading, riding the bus, or any sort of lull in the ongoing hustle that allows a person a moment of reprieve to actually come to grips with their muffled meditations.
Enjoy mass consumption of Templeton’s ethereal washes of sound in a community gathering this evening with Smokey (blogged about yesterday) and Zweitag (two of the members of the Faunts debuting their new stuff together). It will be like that moment at the wave pool when everyone undulates at once, only with the lights turned out, moonless stars a’twinkling, and a reverent hush. Event information available here.

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