Liam Trimble – Ultra Rare EP

It has been four years patiently waiting for the next Liam Trimble material to arrive on hardcopy since 2007’s Illfit Outfit EP destroyed by brain. This is a good day, friends. Trimble’s new record meanders through hemispheres of folk and country balladry with a unique pop quirkiness that must surely have driven men like David Byrne, Stephen Merritt, and David Bowie to the edge of their own respective musical elations. Perhaps it is only me, but songs like “Old Yellow Moon” and “Long Year” conjure up imagery Mark Twain would feel at home with. I have no doubt that the metaphysical kitsch of an album title like “Ultra Rare EP”—poking fun at ebay partisans who peddle famous musicians’ most degenerate works—may prove delightfully prophetic.
See Liam Trimble launch this ultra rare ep into sanguine obscurity as though it were an aging eskimo on an ice floe. The show is tonight and joining the man is Tyler Butler and Brody Irvine. More information here.

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