Two Bicycles – The Ocean

Two weeks ago Two Bicycles (familiar also as Teen Daze and The Tremulance) put out his new album on tape and the 100 copies were GONE almost immediately. This is most unfortunate for the tape collectors out there like myself. But at least we can still enjoy the lulling reverberations of his midas touch online. This new album is possibly his most relaxed, subdued, and transcendental material thus far. Like the actual vast bodies of water it is named after, The Ocean is on the surface a simple monolithic undulating mass of Herodotus’ source-of-all-life, but below the surface it teems with mysteries, colours, and sub-terrestrial mechanics we can hardly imagine. It is available for purchase—digitally at least—by clicking here. Best taken with tea, afternoon napping, quality literature, or, as the man’s pseudonym indicates, bicycle riding.

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