Pat LePoidevin – Highway Houses

Pat LePoidevin is a Sackville, New Brunswick practitioner of handsome folk music. Everyone who knows about Canadian Folk Music knows that Sackville is thee place to be from. The place is inspiration enough for festivals like Sappy and artists like Daniel Romano, Julie Doiron, Shotgun Jimmie, and Fred Squire. And so Pat LePoidevin is in rich company. His opening track, North, is a great introduction to the blissfully rural vibrations that have been harnessed without muting the most urbane of tastemaker inventiveness that Sackville seems to tightrope walk with all of her respected artists. From North these guitar built songs become more and more desperate, LePoidevin’s own voice being the most fitting conduit for austerity, a delightfully pitchy caterwaul that chokes the inherent sunshine out of his guitar writing. He’s an artist Sackville can be proud to add to her rich legacy.
Pat LePoidevin is playing at the Artery this evening with Doug Hoyer and Jom Comyn & The Mandemic. You can get more information here.

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