The Great Vowel Shift – Tasteful Erotica

Montreal’s Yan Basque, the mind behind The Great Vowel Shift, tastefully blends experimentation and pop rationale to create some highly magnetic jams on this new EP of his. His musical intuition is definitely the highlight of the ep. Basque knows how far to push the less palatable aspects without taking the well balanced pop concessions off the table. The lo-fi quality of his recordings is the right kind of lo-fi, if you know what I mean. “Horror Movies” is probably the highlight of the album, dialing a head nodding early Yo La Tengo vibe that this reviewer can’t help but love. So umm oui, Monsieur Yan Basque, Merci and Bon Soir and don’t let l’Amour Arrêt, so to speak.

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