Techromancer – Space Duel

In a strange amalgam of synth pop and 90’s dance sensationalism (think mix96, homies), Techromancer gets the party STARTED. Victoria natives Calli (from Beasts and Superbeasts) and Andrew (from Kennedy Skinny) linked up to create this monstrous glitz glowstick frankenstein. Every jam is imbued with strobe lights and the sort of vocal footwork you haven’t heard in more than a decade, especially Calli’s voice on “Straight Flush.” It makes me feel like I am on the roof of some miami mansion drinking alize and doing cocaine off the hood of a baby blue miata.
They’re playing tonight at the WUNDERBAR in Edmonton with Victoria homeboy, Dreamboat, and Edmonton monsters, Sugarglider (Rene Wilson) and Cityscape (Maxwell Vautour). EVENT INFORMATIONS RIGHT HERE. Music starts at 9!

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