Quaker Parents – Tap Turns Off / Dream Girls – Dream Friends

A new split tape from Halifax bands Quaker Parents and Dream Girls features that janky pop sound we’re starting to expect from the always trustworthy Haligonians. The Dream Girls side of this pop rock missive is pretty freaking low fidelity. Quaker Parents’ half is quite a bit tidier without losing any of the live performance vibrations. Without disregard for Dream Girls, Quaker Parents have got some very enjoyable lyrical content. With yarns like “You’re hiding in the cellar with your arms around a novel that was written by an author you remember in the summer I was 16, keep it together now!” how can you go wrong? The Dream Girls’ triumphant “Day Dream Friend” and “Head” are the tracks to look for on their side, a whole lotta party vibez going down on those two, like bubble wrap.. but they already popped all the bubbles.

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