Jordan Klassen – St. Brigid EP

Oh the fine grey line that every singer-songwriter must contend with: it is that precipice between intimacy and the rocky cliff bottom of the bleeding heart gag triggering pansy parade so many artists can’t help but rush headlong into. Jordan Klassen is a wizard though. He hangs his toes over the edge again and again without dropping off into suffocating pools of corn. Not unlike Andy Shauf or early Iron & Wine, Jordan Klassen can bring the quilted bedroom acoustica to a boil without suffocating the listener in hot air or lyrical fluff. Songs like “For Jessica” and “In Bodrum, Near The Castle” are perfect examples, employing undulating guitar picking with elating flasettos—these are Klassen’s strong suits. Fans of Sun Kil Moon will enjoy “On Your Collarbone.” Lyrically, this man has the chops. The selection of isolatable quotes is seemingly endless so I will allow you to choose for yourself.
You can see Jordan Klassen live tonight in Edmonton with another band this blog has showered it’s praises on, Calgary’s Boreal Sons. Joining them are Edmonton folk heart throbz Simon Hoskyn and Phil Holtby aka DoT. The show is at WUNDERBAR at 8pm, 10 bucks. More details here. See you all there.

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