An Eye on Wyrd: Ketamines – Spaced Out LP

This Friday Wyrd Fest hits Edmonton in its third incarnation. It’s at Dinwoodie Lounge on the U of A campus. Tickets are almost gone but I am told they are not sold out yet. They’re at Blackbyrd and Listen and online. This year’s line up looks like the best yet! Argue Job has compiled four of what Argue Job feels are the most noteworthy performers that haven’t yet touched down on this fine blog.

Ketamines is the reformation of a band I was obsessed with last year, Radians. Paul Lawton of Mammoth Cave heads up this outfit and also records all their stuff. He’s recorded a number of noteworthy bands and with such remarkable prowess that I would venture to call him the best producer of Rock & Roll in all of Alberta. That aside, Ketamines’ stuff is about as grimey as you can make a pop song before the arc of awesomeness trades it’s ascent for a steady descent into annoyingness. Basically, these dudes are making tripped out summer jams that are worthy of the title ‘weird’ without being worthy of the title ‘aggravating’. It’s this subtle grey line that Lawton dances so nimbly. His song writing style is so infuzed with energy I feel like I’m inside of an 80’s pepsi commercial. This stuff has subconsciously suggestive ice formations all over the outside of it’s cold refreshing perspiring-tin-can motif! So get yr shadez yall. This shit is hot/cold/refreshing! And it’s only two tracks deep so far! This full length doesn’t even drop until July, babiez!! Keep it strapped.

Wyrd III Official Webpage

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