An Eye on Wyrd: Tonstartssbandht – Hymn

This Friday Wyrd Fest hits Edmonton in its third incarnation. It’s at Dinwoodie Lounge on the U of A campus. Tickets are almost gone but I am told they are not sold out yet. They’re at Blackbyrd and Listen and online. This year’s line up looks like the best yet! Argue Job has compiled four of what Argue Job feels are the most noteworthy performers that haven’t yet touched down on this fine blog.

These guys are nuts. They must have went back in time, kidnapped led zepplin, drugged them all and forced them to write an album at gunpoint. The result is 30 minutes of melting. I imagine this is what it would sound like waking up in the desert with half your organs harvested. I am personally very excited to see how this whole thing plays out live. Will the dead come to life? Will the life come to dead? When we finish with “Susie” and “Jesse,” which, from what I understand, were originally the entire album, the whole thing takes a dramatic turn with “Hymn Eola.” This is the jam I am most psyched up about. It’s a jubilant choral splurge that throws the whole albums paradigm out the window and attempts at something less hallucinatory yet more divine. From there it remains on that new vibration, less disorienting and more elated. No matter how you slice it though, both directions are definitely a trip. Check it out and check out their in-store at Blackbyrd on Thursday too.

Wyrd III Official Webpage

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