An Eye on Wyrd: Feral Children – Singles

This Friday Wyrd Fest hits Edmonton in its third incarnation. It’s at Dinwoodie Lounge on the U of A campus. Tickets are almost gone but I am told they are not sold out yet. They’re at Blackbyrd and Listen and online. This year’s line up looks like the best yet! Argue Job has compiled four of what Argue Job feels are the most noteworthy performers that haven’t yet touched down on this fine blog.

To be honest, I’ve been hearing Feral Children’s stuff since 2008 or 9, I remember Parker being into it. It’s gotten a lot less weird, and I hope that isn’t offensive to the talented Ryan Davidson behind Feral Children, because everything he puts out exceeds its predecessor. These new singles are all around solid. “Everything is Inside” is the type of psych pop song that leaves enough room for contemplation while still being light enough for the party or the ride for slurpees. “Holy,” surely employed in a Kerouac sense, is a perfect palate for Davidson’s dare-I-say classic rock bay, cloaked in a tasteful layer of reverb and peppered over his trippy guitarscapes in which his tonal discernment is made gloriously manifest. These two singles are a great joy to me and I am really eager to see them live. Recommendations heavy on this one!

Wyrd III Official Webpage

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