An Eye on Wyrd: Silver Dapple – Slip Stitch

This Friday Wyrd Fest hits Edmonton in its third incarnation. It’s at Dinwoodie Lounge on the U of A campus. Tickets are almost gone but I am told they are not sold out yet. They’re at Blackbyrd and Listen and online. This year’s line up looks like the best yet! Argue Job has compiled four of what Argue Job feels are the most noteworthy performers that haven’t yet touched down on this fine blog.

I’ve always been a helpless sucker for the angelic female voice over squeeling rock and roll. That’s why the new single from Silver Dapple floored me. I will spare the band the roll call of similar scenarios because they have all been so highly lauded already that I am sure the shout outs will make the band alternatively blush and churn. Instead, I would rather proclaim the arrival of this song to my loyal argue jobberz and prophesy tangible success for Silver Dapple if they can lock down a whole record of this caliber. I can’t wait to see them live tonight at Wyrd. I hope to see you there! Tickets are still available at the door. I’ve also attached the schedule below.

Wyrd III Official Webpage

18:00 :: The Joe
18:20 :: Jessica Jalbert
18:40 :: Energetic Action
19:00 :: Makeout Videotape
19:25 :: Feral Children
19:50 :: Hobo Cubes
20:15 :: Long, Long, Long
20:40 :: Silver Dapple
21:30 :: Ketamines
21:55 :: Wyrd Visions
22:20 :: **SURPRISE GUEST**
22:45 :: Bernardino Femminielli
23:10 :: Red Mass
23:35 :: Manic Attracts
00:00 :: Role Mach
00:25 :: Velvet Chrome
00:50 :: Dirty Beaches
01:15 :: Famines

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