Hip Hop In The Park 2011 Mixtape and Anonymouz & Risskant – Krakende Shit

I think this is hhitp’s 4th incarnation and the line up looks great. There are some very promising out-of-towners. This year’s roster is composed almost entirely of acts that haven’t played the festival before. I’m especially excited to see Vancouver’s Anonymouz with Holland’s Risskant—check out the video below, it’s one of the best I’ve seen this year. This mixtape DJ Shortop put together is beautifully mixed as can be expected from such a seasoned vet. Highlight songs for me (I have a weird niche taste when it comes to rap so this is by no means definitive but this is my blog so I can do what I want) are the Anonymouz track, the Chadio track, the Mitchmatic jam (obviously), Shortop’s intro, and the Rezza Rect and K-Blitz song is guilty pleasure status. Hip Hop in the Park is today and Hip Hop in the Dark is tomorrow night. Check out the daytime event here for more details and the less family friendly alternative tomorrow has more details here. I’m heading over there right now, it starts at noon. Louise McKinney Park, Come hang out. Line up and schedule.

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