An Eye on SWOOP FEST: Apophis – The Theory of De-Evolution

When it comes to dropping science, Apophis takes it to another level. Beyond dropping more science than 99.8% of emcees, they spice that with grey area sci-fi infatuations that constantly address the extra terrestrial. Grimey and slimey, this new spinny from LBA’s vets Chris Plus and Add-Vice is exactly the kind of thing that made me look up to these guys when I first started listening to them circa 2003/2004 when I myself started digging into the Edmonton rap scene. LBA was the utter paragon. And in many ways they still are. I would hate to be caught in a cypher with any one of those dudes. They hack, cough, shit, and bleed pure neon rap music. They don’t play as many shows as they use to which is why tonight is a big chance for a lot of people who haven’t enjoyed their skills to get an insider’s view. DJ Weezl is putting on SWOOP FEST tonight at Wunderbar for only 5 bucks. The line up is staggering: DJ Weezl, LBA, Apophis, Chris Plus, Add-Vice, DJ Celcius, Paisteez, Corvid Lorax, Jimmy Rhythm, Undiscovered Forest, Crater, Max Prime, Spooky Spookathon, The Blurb, The Joe, Maxwell Vautour, Teeyson, Jut Datum, and last but not least, freaking EPIC!!

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