Sean Nicholas Savage / Kool Music – Won Ton Jaz

In what may be his furthest out yet, Sean Savage has dropped some trippy ass pop music. “Wasted Dream” is a good example of the kind of acid tripping early 80’s junior high dance disco balling he is getting up to on Won Ton Jaz. On the other side of this fresh new cassette we experience Kool Music for exactly what it is. The opening track’s Hawaiian-esque slides and new york cop movie bass line get the miata’s top down but the engine really starts purring right around track four: “Sit Down In My Dream, Lady.” Kool Music is no less tripped out than Sean’s side but in a more leaned-back fashion. I don’t support the use of mind altering narcotics but if you must visit the outer reaches, just press play on the new Won Ton Jaz cassette but make sure you are alone or with a good friend in a safe place.

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