John Southworth – Human Cry

John Southworth’s most recent release, Human Cry, is his most staggering release to date. The warmth of his voice is unmatched. From lamentation to rejoice, Southworth carries the listener like a torch toward the precipice of what can and cannot be articulated. Songs like “Sadness Came Back” and “Tender Mountain Eyes” are perfect examples of the depth John Southworth is capable of exploring. Human Cry was apparently named as such after a friend told him that all singing was a form of crying. That crying is extended further by back ups from Felicity Williams (that nutso voice on “How’s Everyone” by T H O M A S) and the much beloved Daniela Gesundheit, singer of Snowblink who are occasionally called in to fill out the vocals to produce the voluptuous affect of say “Suzanne” by Leonard Cohen. Southworth’s backing band (Andrew Downing, Justin Haynes and Jean Martin), referred to as The South Seas, cannot go unmentioned either. They’re precision and restraint are expertly tasteful. The music alone could carry the torch for this record. This record is a must have. I regret to inform you that it isn’t on vinyl, at least not of yet. But with fingers crossed, here’s hoping. “Don’t run away from your human cry. Your human cry keeps you alive in the dead of night.”

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