Hooded Fang – S/T

As far as the highly orchestrated pop ticket goes, Hooded Fang is major bang for the buck. Their album is absolutely infectious, and instrumentally diverse. But all that lingo is far too cold and obscure for how joyful and effervescent this lovely record is. Songs like “Too Late Night” bring to mind The Magnetic Fields. “Green River” is my jam, a cat walking bass line with Daniel Lee’s exceedingly smooth croon at its very finest. I especially appreciate how uncluttered the mix on the recording is considering that this is a 7-piece band ultimately making a whole lotta racket. This new Hooded Fang self titled record is just a good slice, no two ways about it. With Hooded Fang’s rapidly growing attention and success we wish them the best in keeping marooned the Jacob Two-Two’s of their youth for however long is possible. (Does that make sense? I haven’t read the book in 4>, haha…)

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