Doug Hoyer – Northern Lights

I am so glad this is finally out! “Northern Lights” has been the song I wait anxiously for everytime I see Doug Hoyer live. This will without a doubt be the number one thing I am pumping for a long long time. I love how it is inherently both patriotic and primal in it’s lyrical take: “You can dig for silver and gold / but you can’t mine the northern lights. / You can chase the sun all day / but the moon still brings the night!” And the co-production between Hoyer and Calvin Mcelroy (Kuhrye-oo) is proving itself to be a dream team. The music on everything I have heard for this record has been an absolute kaleidoscope, each and every colourful piece it’s own euphoria. If this is the lead single for Doug Hoyer’s June 30th release of Doug Hoyer Walks With The Tender And Growing Night, I can only forecast the biggest of things for him, though I am admittedly bias. Be sure to be at the CD release—of which you will have to buy presale tickets for because it’s with Christian Hansen and The Autistics (for whom Doug now plays bass guitar as well). Download this jam, pump it in your car, put it on your mixtapes, give it like a gift.

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