Blanket Truth / Dana Jewell Split Cassette

Alright, I realize that this is the second lo-fi post in a row, but I just stumbled upon this release and gotta share.  I first heard of Blanket Truth in 2008 when I was all up on buying tapes from some killer Seattle/California bands like Iji, Red Pony Clock, etc, and the Now Hereness Records scene.  I kinda grabbed Blanket Truth’s cd on a while while ordering, and was surprised to find the lo-fi ukulele focused band to use a beat boxer for percussion! On this latest release, the cassette hiss blends the sounds together nicely, allowing the vocal drumming to sound more like a bizzare drum machine. Sweet.  Classic Blanket Truth, uber-cute tunes here, with some seriously positive vibes: check “Do You Realize?”.  Sometimes you need to remind yourself to take care of yourself, ya?

I know nothing about Dana Jewell to be honest.  No word of a lie, Dana is Elliot Smith singing over Jonathan Richman’s faux-flamenco guitar. RE: “Love’s Bow/Arrow”.  His lyrics are at times absurd, at times meditative. Wherever the wind may blow, I suppose. Dana’s side of the tape is a little crisper; take note!

One comment

  1. Hey, this is Jon from Lost Sound Tapes/Blanket Truth. Thanks for the nice review. If you would like to review any of our other releases please get in touch!

    Dana Jewell lives in Olympia, Washington and was also in the band Pill Wonder for a short time. He is now in the stoner rock band The Family Stoned and runs a tape label called Wild Animal Kingdom Records ( He’s released a tape by the Family Stoned, 2 other Dana Jewell tapes, some tapes for Julian Lynch, 60 Watt Kid, and a bunch of others.

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