Slates – Prairie Fires

Edmonton’s own SLATES are sneaky. They might try to appear as a regular loud rock band at first listen, but then you realize that you’ve totally been hit by the emotional weight of the yearning guitars on ‘Heart Attack Scare’.  After the breakdown in ‘Broken Parts’, you find yourself face to face with an unabashedly vicious & confident solo.  The voices are large and angry, but it’s filtered through a somber eye, which I find so captivating.  Recorded in Vancouver with the seemingly popular Jesse Gander at the legendary Hive, the band’s epic live sound is kept in tact while embracing the studio shine.  On ‘The Baker’ they call out “Yeah, it’s a real thing”,  and it seems like an apt self description.

Catch these jams on vinyl & listen online below on their bandcamp!

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