GHIBLI – Pythia

Last night I got to watch Thomas Michael Mamos under his new GHIBLI moniker, and he only pulled out his classic “Mamos Move” a few times. The “Mamos Move” is when he either A) soaks the massive amount of sweat from his brow with his shirt, or B) rips his hair out.

It seems that Thomas is more comfortable on stage with his new project, and he should be: it’s an awesome and natural progression from what he’s been working on in the past, influenced by his choral interests.  Basically, the show was great. I’ll let Mr. Argue Job take it from here:

“Six months ago the project formerly known as Jaded Hipster Choir transformed radically. OLD UGLY is proud to present to you Ghibli. In these recent months Thomas Michael has been hell-bent on creating this debut full length, Pythia, a pulsing pop experiment honoring and evincing the oracle of Delphi. Ripe with mysticism and classicism, Pythia is a coursing quick river of sounds that, as an album, prove to be his most cohesive work to date.” – Mr. Argue Job.

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