Layne L’Heureux – The Executioner

In what Layne L’Heureux is deeming as hesh—”a genre of acoustic music played very shitty,” the prolific songwriter brings us a new vision for ripped jeans and daydreams! With his guitar tuned down two entire steps the strings are basically falling off the neck as he bays his canticles of distilled truths. L’Heureux’s character is in full attendance on each of these jams. Much like Pushkin or Burns, L’Heureux is a poet of the people, free of the pretentious ills that plague song writers too scared to be forward yet free of the cheese commonly associated with poets who do not take enough time to truly weigh their lives and their mortality. L’Heureux is a man who has done this and emerged decidedly positive, making the underlying fun in songs like these his utmost priority. It makes a lot of sense to me.

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