D-Sisive – If…

Mitchmatic showed me this yesterday.

If you still get giddy over neck-snapping, underground, honest-to-God good rap music, then D-Sisive is here to save you from whatever else you listen to.

In “If…” D-Sisive cynically posits that the creative-ass stuff he’s done would have made headlines had it been done by an American rapper like Kanye or Jay-Z. He delivers this argument with craft, cleverness, and patience.

“If Jay-Z sampled a Daniel Johnston tune// You’d download Daniel’s catalogue of music// Don’t try to deny it, it’s probably true// Cuz whateva Jigga say, you gonna follow, dude.//”

There’s no doubt D-Sisive is a pretty bitter guy*, but it’s his maturity, sense of humour, and intelligence that combines with that bitterness to make him a great rapper.

*Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford, responds to D-Sisive’s diss track.

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