Ghost Cousin – Landscape of Animals

Landscape of Animals Cover ArtThis past weekend, I did this thing where you go out to all your local nightlife hotspots, but by yourself. You just walk, hit up any of the bars you might normally go to, just to see who might be lurking around doing the same thing as you. I did this 4 days in a row. It’s a gamble, but almost all days there was some kind of payoff. One of the nights I went to Wunderbar and as well as having a hyper small talk conversation with a girl I met at a party a week ago (and who seems to bump heads with me on all subjects) outside the bar, I also caught the very tail end of the set of Ghost Cousin (at least I think it was them, you see, two of the bands on the bill had “ghost” in their title. Judging by sound alone though, I think it be and accurate assumption.)

It’s pop, pop fer yer ears. To me it sounds a lot like transitional phase Bell & Sebastian, but better?! (I’ve argued a many with my friends over the merit of DCW era B&S, I was always for it.) When I walked up to the bar, the first thing I said to Miss. Small-Talk Devils-Advocate was “who is this band? they’re so reserved” which in my mind is a good thing; a breath of fresh air, something you don’t get to experience (from outside the bar) too often. Some may call it a sign of maturity, and this release seems mature.

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