RIP Amy Winehouse

Although I know not everyone who posts on (or reads) this blog empathizes with my feelings towards Amy Winehouse, I feel the need to post about her anyways. Regardless of whether or not you liked her music (or were turned off of her due to her overly publicized, excessive personal life), there is no denying that her work was of the highest calibur, the likes of which you almost never see in mainstream popular music. Her voice was outright stirring, and she (unlike the bulk of her contemporaries) wrote her own music. Her second album “Back to Black” recorded in 2005, won 5 Grammy awards in 2007; deserved in full (anyone who has ever watched the Grammys knows that its typically a huge (and I mean huge) crunk-o-shit.)

To all of us hoping she would pull through, this is tragic news. All there is for us to do at this point is mourn, remember her for the good things (and I mean good), and try and forget the bad. I never saw her in the black light that the media was shining on her over the years, to me it was always just about the music; a small yet concentrated collection that really delivers (and always will.) Here you have it, the final straw has been drawn to finalize her as the parallel of Billie Holiday for this generation, lest we forget her and her talent.

2 all the haters, hold yr peace!

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