Brazilian Money – Jive With The Killer Instinct EP

Jive With The Killer Instinct EP Cover ArtKelowna is a strange place. I mean, I’ve only spent a tiny bit of time there and I am no authority on the place. Growing up, my family would always take trips out to Salmon Arm BC to visit relatives and my grandparents (actually, I’ll be going there in one week with the whole family, Grandmas turning 97!) To me then, Kelowna was a place where my big sister would go for a day from salmon arm with my cousin to do cool kid stuff (like go to a skate shop and buy Osiris shoes for over 150 dollars.) It was mystifying, until I went there this year and found that it’s just another small BC mountain town. When we got there, we went to a big clean ritzy Vietnamese restaurant that was populated only by the 2 people who were on shift. That night we played a blue collar blues club called the blue gator where there was no free beer. Weird, but otherwise fairly predictable shit for a town of it’s size and caliber. Walked around at 2 in the morning with some locals, stayed at Garret Johnsons house and got to sit in his starship enterprise sized/ styled couch.

Here’s a new one from the ever fertile GJ, who is Brazilian Money. I’d imagine Kelowna to be a good place to make music because there’d not be a better thing to do but to work on your musical craft. This is one of my favorite Braz Mon releases to date, has the same trademark razor sharp hyper loudness that it’s known for, as well as great songs (“You’re a Pretty Mermaid” is my jam.) Garret, I commend thee and thine strange habitat.

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