F&M – Wish You Were Here

Mr. Argue Job himself once expressed to me his disbelief that anyone could fear the onset of marriage. I, however, understand the aversion to uniting the artist with another person — the mixing of voice, the sharing of space, the dilution of production. Any such hesitation is smashed in the waves by F&M. Led by the husband/wife tandem of Rebecca and Ryan Anderson, these stripped back recordings highlight and celebrate the mingling of their visions and voices. Wish You Were Here evenly splits songwriting and lead vocal duties between the two. But, the songs are strongest when both are present, leaning against each other, the perfect complements.

This record is heavy with a kind of nostalgia. Yes, it is laced with the familiar pull of fond memory, but it contains an equal and opposite push — the promise of shared experience to come.

Wish You Were Here is out on Shameless Records on August 30, 2011.

Check out an early track from the record on CBC Radio 3:

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