Mike Angus – Hymns

Mike Angus, best known as a hard-working member of The Wheat Pool, released his first solo album — Hymns — last month. I was eagerly awaiting the album.  Some time ago, I stumbled across a grainy video of Mike, barely audible over wind and waves, performing a contemplative account of the Italian seaside. Hastily scrawled notes outlining the lyrics and structure of the song lie at his feet, evidence of the its newness. The video focuses intently on Angus until the final moments, when it finally reveals the setting, panning around to glance over the solitary listener, across the bare rocks and down to view the crashing ocean.

Hymns are songs of adoration and praise. These compositions are raw journals that exhale the truth all travellers know — that the voyage is the destination. That every strange floor slept on, every strange illness suffered, and every strange love encountered should be recorded and kept dear.

Here is the video of Mike, credited as The Wheat Pool, playing Italy:

Purchase Hymns here:

And, look for him on tour with Andy Shauf in August and September. Tour dates are listed on his CBC Radio 3 page.

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