Kris Ellestad – No Man is Land

No Man is Land Cover ArtIf the Righteous Brothers had an extra brother, and were born in this generation, Calgary AB, and wrote beatle-caliber future folk songs, I think it would sound a lot like Kris Ellestad’s most recent release, No Man is Land (but what the hell do I know.) I shared the stage with him and his band 2 days ago at makeshift korean pizza place venue, and they blew my ass out of the water. WAIT, before that, the venue was on a 1912 train car, and Kris and his boys performed unplugged in an old concrete tunnel, illuminated by the trains power lamp, and they blew my ass out of the water. This album needs to be put out on wax, so I can buy it on wax. I get jealous when music of this caliber comes out of my own general region. Catch this guy on tour before he starts opening for fleet foxes or bon iver or some OC shit like that… seriously.


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