Landon A.R. Coleman – Landon A.R. Coleman’s Single Life

The hopeful croon of Ottawa via Antigonish via Edmonton’s Landon A.R. Coleman rises through the skin like the sensation one feels entering a pool, river, lake or sea.

Though Coleman’s Single Life begins with the windy cliff toppler, “Give My Hips To The Girls,” it quickly finds a more caressing pace best exemplified by expert compositions like “Down To The Wire” and “Waters Frozen.” Seeing as Single Life is an album that is arguably in two parts, reminiscent of the structure of a 12″, “Montreal, You Never Call” begins this process once more—a banger followed by the slow rolling pleasures of Coleman’s tender arrangements.

Lyrically, Coleman’s material embraces a spirituality that bounds from the most ethereal imagery to the most pragmatic of applications in the turn of a single phrase. The refrain in “We Caught Aflame” provides a fine example : “The young men see visions and the old men dream dreams / It’s time we tell each other what we’ve seen.”

Producer Leif Vollebekk deserves a special shout as well seeing as it is impossible to determine how much of these excellent executive decisions were made in collaboration with Vollebekk. Besides being an excellent record, I suggest purchasing the CD itself as the packaging and the accompanying dozen page booklet are absolutely stunning.


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