Feral Children – Feral Children

Saskatoon mastermind Ryan Davidson has been a frequent flyer across Canada’s disparate noise/experimental scenes, including ours here in Edmonton, for many seasons, and he has blown minds in succession. Now with a full band for the first time, Feral Children sound like a veritable psych-rock army: a polished, dedicated cadre of adventurers in sound-space, dedicated to furthering our collective knowledge of unpolished, soaring, pulsating, breathing, undulating, psychosomatic mind-body experiences. “Free Fantasy” and “Magic Sacred Ritual” demonstrate how the aural exploration of Feral Children is always grounded in a fond appreciation for near-universal pop sensibilities in rhythm and melody. This is texture; this is movement; this is an invocation to the gods; this is rock and roll music. Dance, children.

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