Likewise Vultures – Age/Picasso Teeth 7″

The status of “Age” as a modern masterpiece of lyrical and musical composition has been well documented by our blog’s founding father when it first appeared on the internet’s ethersphere some months ago. And, of course, the actual 7″ giving this twin release its name, hotly anticipated from Vancouver’s National Archive of Records, has yet to appear in the physical world. And yet, I cannot restrain myself in posting this inaugural exhortation of delight in regards to “Picasso Teeth.” Having heard this track in its mid-way point between composition and finished product, it tickles my earlobes to recall the otherworldly bellowing of the opening bass horns, the dreamlike tinkling of synth-marimba, or whatever the hell I’m listening to. Though I happen to know that the composer was influenced by Ryuichi Sakamoto, the metronomic tempo and the warped-voice accompaniment conjures in my mind the glass hallway images of Walter Murch’s cult 1985 nightmare-adventure Return to Oz. As always, Likewise Vultures proves that he is one of the few remaining musicians who can still use his powers for shaman-like purposes, conjuring images and sensations reaching well into the dreamscape and fixing it for us in one place. Keep your eyes peeled for this wax.

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